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Pond House

Client: Gigaplex Architects
Materials: Basswood, Cork, Acrylic

This Northern Wisconsin residence was a design-build project inspired by some of the abandoned barn structures that dot the landscape of the Midwest.  Gray Skunk developed a close relationship with the architect and worked tirelessly to ensure the timely production of this 24"x32" scale model of the residence.

This model was constructed by Gray Skunk Inc. using architectural plans provided by Gigaplex Architects.


Pottery Sink


Owner: Design Build Bluff
Materials: Exhaust Manifold, BBQ Grill Lid

This was part of a large-scale project involving 23 students from the University of Utah who were enrolled with the non-profit organization, Design Build Bluff. Old car parts were salvaged from a desert wasteland and rebuilt as a functional pottery sink.