Founded in 2013, the owners of Gray Skunk Inc. set out to blur lines between design disciplines. Blake and Judson share a mutual appreciation for the creative process and are inspired by designers outside the boundaries of their formal studies. Whether they are involved in product enhancement, furniture design or architecture, they live for the chance to challenge themselves as designers.

Their studio is conveniently located in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.



Owner + Designer

I've always enjoyed the process involved with the act of 'making stuff'. I turned that devotion into a master's degree in Architecture which further developed the design related skill sets I've acquired over the past 15 years. It's quite empowering to be able to materialize ideas and concepts. I love what I do and I've been blessed to be able to devote (considerable) time and energy to Gray Skunk. This truly is my passion and I hope you can see it and feel it in all that we touch.

I also spend quality time with my amazing family - a wonderful wife, a daughter, a son and a couple of dogs. I couldn't have made this dream and vision come true without their support and love - for that I am truly thankful.  My partner in crime here at Gray Skunk is alright too.



Owner + Designer

In first grade, I planned on being an Architect just like my father. Drawing buildings and taking lunch breaks sounded like the perfect career choice to an artistic 7-year old. It wasn't until after college that I realized my true passion is the process of formulating a successful design.

While attending the University of Utah, I had a wonderful opportunity to help design and build a home for a family on the Navajo Reservation through a program called Design Build Bluff. During and after school, I worked as an intern at an architectural firm. I then moved on as a project manager with a vibrant design company in Salt Lake City.

Finally, with the support of a great friend (and business partner), Gray Skunk Inc. began.