We thrive to seek innovative, tangible answers to creative questions. We use computer aided design and technology-based manufacturing processes to convey and build those ideas into a physical form. Our talented team works with architects, engineers, graphic, interior and product designers, retailers, artists, fabricators, event planners, hospitality industries, and many other companies large and small. We also welcome custom design work from individuals.

We blend our strong backgrounds in vector-based design with our love of technology and our passion for all things hand-crafted to create beautiful and functional products.

Our robots all have names and personalities. ARRIVING IN 2019 is our newest addition: a 4’x8’ Kern metal laser cutter and engraver. We also have a 3'x4' CO2 laser cutter, a 3-D printer with a 512 cubic inch build capacity and an 11 hp 4'x8' CNC 3-axis mill. We also have a variety of other tools and technologies that allow us to create just about anything.

Our services are available for anyone who has an idea and needs help bringing it to life.